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At Eazy E Farms, our goal is to responsibly produce nutritious, high quality, sustainable  food for our community. We focus on systems that are not only in the best interest of our animals, but also for our land and natural resources.





Since 2015, Eazy E Farms has worked to perfect our heritage breed hog crosses to provide the tastiest pork in the land. Driven by a love of good food, we use regenerative agriculture practices to rebuild our native pasture, ensuring our land will be healthy enough to support the good food we grow, for years to come. We carefully selected heritage breeds that are suited for living on pasture. Our pigs are born here, raised here, and live their best pig lives the whole time: under the trees and in the sunshine. 


At Eazy E Farms, we use the only highest quality ingredients in our prepared foods. We aren't able to produce all of our own ingredients, but we can do our best to source them as locally as possible, supporting as many local businesses as possible. We want to give our customers fresh, wholesome, locally sourced foods to eat. 



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What people are saying about us

"Best granola I have ever tasted and stellar pork!" - Rosa M.

"Hands down the best pork in South Central Texas. Free range eggs are outstanding as well." - Rob C.

"Wow! Eazy E Farms does not disappoint! So far we've tried the pork chops, breakfast pan, hot links and the granola. The meat is all packaged well, and tasted delicious. We couldn't get enough of the granola and ate it all in a couple of days. Now we have our friends hooked on Eazy E  Farms too!" -Terri N


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